Did you know that author August Strindberg (1849-1912) was very interested in food and drink? And because 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Strindberg, Berns Salonger, the restaurant and entertainment venue in Stockholm’s Berzelii Park, is appointing a special Swedish Strindberg pastry. In collaboration with the Strindberg Museum, Berns invites people to nominate the Swedish Strindberg pastry of the year. The confectioners at Berns have created three pastries with flavors inspired by the literary giant and his dining experiences. Between April 10 and April 15, the three pastries will be served at Berns Bistro & Bar, and the winning entry can be enjoyed throughout the month of May.

“Strindberg Museum welcomes a Strindberg pastry,” says Strindberg Museum curator and juror Camilla Larsson. “Since he was very interested in dining and drinking, it’s a perfect way to put focus on one our greatest personalities in Swedish culture.”


Strindberg spent much of his youth at Berns, and also set his 1879 debut novel “Röda Rummet” (The Red Room) there. Says Berns CEO Yvonne Sörensen Björud: “This is as much a tribute to August Strindberg as to Berns, whose founder, Robert Berns, was a pastry chef.” Together with a jury, you can vote for your favorite pastry at Bern’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BernsSalonger. The jury consists of: Allt om Mat’s food expert Gunilla von Hedland; pastry chef of the year 2011, Josefine Baumann; food and wine connoisseur Carl Jan Granqvist; Strindberg Museum curator Camilla Larsson; Berns restaurateur Johan Lindqvist; and, author and historian Lennart Jarnhammar.

For more info on Berns, see Berns hotel and restaurants, Stockholm