Euro no-go.
Financial pressure on the EU Bank caused by overspending in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal - among other member nations - has swiftly turned Swedish heads away from the Euro common currency. Today, the most recent poll shows two of three Swedish voters would reject entry into the money-dream that's going sour.

Sweden joined the EU in 1995, but eight years later in a fairly close election, the voters rejected the Euro as their currency. However, popularity had been growing in the wake of the shaky economies that the recession caused.


Only a month ago, before the Euro crisis became evident, nearly half (47%) of Swedes favored converting their currency. Currently, at the same time as only 29% of Sweden wants to give up the cherished Swedish Crown and adopt the Euro, the EU currency plunged to its lowest exchange rate.

While Swedes worried that the problems with the Euro would negatively effect their own economy, Norwegians, who had been flirting with accepting membership in the European Union, made an about face on the concept and, according to polls, were adamant about remaining independent of both the currency and the union.