Due for issue next year, a decorative stamp showing the copper kettle boilers at Mackmyra whiskey distillery will be one of a group that spotlights the small Swedish factories.

"Every year we receive about 500 proposals, of which between 50 and 60 become stamps," according to Sven Scherdin, Post Office Stamps Sales Manager. Their choice of Mackmyra's whiskey plant, he says, goes well with a group of five other stamps depicting uniquely Swedish small rural factories that imbibe the entrepreneurial spirit.


"Just as whiskey production takes patience, making stamps is a craft that cannot be rushed. The stamp will be engraved by hand before it is printed in our print shop, and it will be released on next March 24," said Scherdin.

Another indication of the popularity of Mackmyra came later this summer when an initial issue of stocks, planned to finance construction of Mackmyra Whiskey Village and start international market expansion, was oversubscribed by 250%!

"This is a confirmation that our future plans are supported by many malt-friends," remarked Magnus Dandanell, CEO and founder of Swedish Mackmyra Whiskey. Saying that construction was already beginning, Dandanell said he regretted only that new investors did not have an opportunity this time around to join existing shareholders due to the sellout.

He added that another smaller issue would be released this coming autumn and be offered in a unique package along with individual casks. The firm's directors also said they intended for Mackmyra's shares to be officially listed on a major exchange in 2012.

For more info, see www.mackmyra.se