.. to help in the extraction of three naked German tourists - totally nude females - from among the ravines, rivers and densely thicketed woods in the dark wilderness near Karlshamn, in Blekinge Province.

Clad in solely their smiles, the wandering trio of German tourists had embarked from a remote cabin where they were vacationing near the camping area of Nötabråne, which is north of Karlshamn. According to their own accounts of the events, they had set off from the private cabin on the lake shore of Längsjön, where they were staying with similarly inclined friends, for a short walk in the buff through the Swedish outback.


This area along the southeastern Baltic coastline consists of rocky moraine hills, small rivers, steep gorges and tightly grown foliage. Despite this, the daring three nudettes - aged 40, 50 and 56 years - took nothing to help them battle the rough terrain - not even a map.

Facing circumstances and odds of chance that were less favorable than the castaways who ended up on Gilligan's island, who at least had clothing throughout the classic sixties TV comedy series, these real life lost ladies reported afterward to police that they had become disorientated very quickly. Amazingly, although they crossed over a popular, frequently tread historic backwoods trail known as the "Blekingeleden" at least once, they encountered no humans reported having sighted them during their seven hour long ordeal.

Back at their remote cabin, their other nudist friends friends had alerted police and the hunt was underway. Although infrared search devices pinpointed the bare bodies of the three damsels in the darkness, helicopters were frustrated in their attempts to pluck them from the woods. The ladies were obliged to follow directions and, kept under close observation from the ensemble of searchers, trek for more than an hour by themselves on the ground until they returned, safe and sound, to their cottage and the relieved arms of their nudist companions.