Since their spectacular wedding on June 19th in Stockholm, Crown Princess Victoria and her newly royalized Prince, Daniel, have been sighted a variety of times in widely spread locations from Tahiti to Manhattan during their "secretive and secluded" honeymoon. Now, they have returned to Sweden and are getting down to the hard work of 'spiffying up their digs' - also known as Haga Castle - to suite their mutual marital preferences.

Notwithstanding some ardent paparazzi and professional peepers, the honeymooners actually did enjoy a good portion of privacy. They were seen arriving in Tahiti and, sailing on a private yacht through French Polynesia, also in Bora Bora, all the while in the company of their Swedish millionaire friend, Bertil Hult. From the South Pacific, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel flew first to Boston and then to Beaver Creek, an alpine resort area in Colorado, where they also were once again lodged at their rich friend's luxury home.


Besides enjoying the scenic nature and getting some outdoor exercise, the two were reported to have finally found their elusive seclusion there in the Rockies where, if the name of the place hold true, only beavers observed the duo's enjoyment of their mutual company. Making Beaver Creek their home away from home, they made several short one or two day jaunts on Hult's private jets during the remainder of their honeymoon.

During one of several flights to Boston, they attended a Lady Gaga concert, and on another occasion, traveled along the East Coast of the US by rail to New York City to see the Swedish pop artist, Robyn, in a concert at which the Royal Couple reportedly danced and blissfully enjoyed the show.

Political climate and trade aspects of the day were blamed for inconsistent reports that traced the travels of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Unanswered questions focused on whether they had visited with relatives at the ancestral estate of her mother, Queen Silvia, in Brazil. Initial reports from the Swedish Court said this was scheduled for a couple of days that were sandwiched between the Bora Bora and Beaver Creek stop offs, although any mention of this swiftly disappeared later from official statements.

On their schedule now, besides socializing with the King and Queen as well as her brother and sister, the two will visit the Prince's family in Ockelbo. Their next official task will be an appearance by the two to celebrate the bicentennial of the election to the Swedish throne of French Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte by Sweden's Parliament, at the time, in 1810, convening in Örebro. The French military leader, with little experience with either Sweden or monarchy politics of the day, was married to Desireé, a longtime love of Napoleon, upon whose acceptance the appointment had been made by the Swedish national assembly.