A Swede feels rich knowing he has 1 million SEK ($158,869.53) in his bank account. The exception is the Stockholmer, he needs 2 million ($317,739.06) to feel wealthy - all according to statistics by Nordnet.

The statistics concludes that Norwegians also feel rich with 1 million, while the Dane and the Finn need a bit more, similar to the Stockholmer. The easiest way to get rich is through inheritance, that’s something all Scandinavians agree on. But while the Swede likes to gamble, the Dane and the Finn believe in saving and the Norwegian tries making money through a career.


“Sweden is the country where you feel you can do the least about your private finances,” explains Jan Dinkelspiel, Director of Nordnet in Sweden.

“That’s why the Swede instead believes in destiny and gambles. Working or having a career or saving are simply not alternatives for him.” Once riches are achieved, traveling is the number one priority for all Scandinavians, second is buying a home, except for the Swede, who’d rather give money to charity.

“We are Nordic Lutherans,” Dinkelspiel continues. “What we wish for is simply a little more money in our wallets, so we can have a bit of fun during the weeks we are off.

Nordnet is a bank, listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, with activities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. More info: Nordnet Corporate info