The white 9-3 Saab might end up at a museum, as the collective Saabs United want to buy it. “It’s a little sad,” says the buyer Ana Trollhättan AB’s President Joakim Lind. The last 50 cars from Saab in Trollhättan are completed and they have all been bought by Ana Trollhättan and will be finished in a rented facility.

“These 50 cars were ‘married,’ as we say, meaning they had a motor and a body. We have hired four builders to finish them shortly,” says Lind. Some of the 50 cars have already been sold, but not all. Some are right hand drive, some left hand. What will happen to those not sold is not yet clear. In an interview with Expressen, Lind says he feels a bit sad about buying the last Saab: “I have long worked with Saab and know people at the factory, so it is clear that in a way it's sad. But we also see it as a responsibility and a commitment to Saab.” After last year’s bankruptcy, Ana Trollhättan has received more requests for Saabs, from customers as well as the liquidator.
“The finance company GMAC asked us to take care of 1,200 cars and of those we’ve sold over 100. We have also taken it upon ourselves to sell many new Saabs that GMAC has taken and we actually sold 45 new cars in March; it's a very good sales month in history.”
But is it safe to buy a Saab, as it is rumored there will be problems with spare parts? Says Lind: “Saab Parts has had some issues in the beginning, but the spare supplies are beginning to get replenished. We’ve also bought a lot of bodywork and other matters of bankruptcy, so we have a lot of parts in stock.”