Swedish fashion has been exploding since the turn of the millennium, and Swedes have never been as interested in fashion as now. At Sven-Harry's Art Museum in Stockholm, an exhibition called ”Svenskt Mode” (Swedish Fashion) is on display.

”We wanted to focus on Swedish fashion for everyone and want fashion to get a new focus group,” says Michael Elmenbeck, initiator of the exhibition. ”Cia Jansson, who is the creative director of Swedish Elle, and I, have for six months gone through 45,000 pieces of clothings in the Swedish brands’ archives, and selected 100 pieces that in one way or another have been important for their time.” While Swedes want to raise their status and Swedish clothing designers are increasing in numbers, the exhibition ”Svenskt Mode” a selection of the very best among the already enormous range that’s out there. ”The exhibition is rather about looks that have been significant for the development than specific years or seasons,” says Cia Jansson. Acne Studios, V Ave Shoe Repair, AltewaiSaome and Bea Szenfeld are some of the successful Swedish designer brands represented.


For more information: Svenskt Mode 200-2015 or for general info, see http://www.sven-harrys.se

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