Stretch out on tennis legend Björn Borg’s couch! At the end of April, the tennis legend’s couch will be auctioned off by Bukowskis. “He (Borg) had an apartment in Stockholm where the couch has been sitting until recently,” says Paulina Sokolow, press contact at Bukowskis auctions. When Borg’s apartment was sold, the sofa was so big that it was included in the sale. But now the owner wants to get rid of it. Sokolow describes it: “It’s from Svenskt tenn, but it doesn’t have the original upholster, which brings the price down. The price on the sofa has nothing to do with the fact that it has belonged to Björn Borg.” The starting price will be around 60,000-80,000 SEK ($9,475 – 12,633).
“Had it come with the original upholstery, it would have had a higher starting price, somewhere around 90,000 SEK ($14,216),” says Sokolow and adds that when famous people’s belongings are auctioned off, people are usually interested. “Two examples are Harry Schein and Ingmar Bergman, when their homes were auctioned off,” she says. Svenskt tenn is a designer company founded by Estrid Ericson and Nils Fougstedt in 1924. Register to make your bid or find out more about Bukowskis: