The Swedish Foreign Office and the local Paris Embassy call on Swedish travelers in the country to be attentive, well-informed and aware of the threats and risks that exist. "You should always be aware of your surroundings and be on the look out for what seems odd and out of the ordinary, especially in places with large crowds such as public places, in and around public buildings, at tourist sites, on public transportation, at markets and shopping centers. There is an increased police presence and surveillance in the country. Further acts of violence or threat of attacks in Paris and France can not be excluded and it is therefore wise to remain vigilant and be extra attentive to what appears out of the ordinary."
The atrocious Paris terrorist attacks in November sadly also dealt a blow to France’s tourist industry and the overall economy in the country. Airlines reported more cancellations than bookings following the attacks, and according to MKG Hospitality, the occupancy rate at Paris hotels fell 23 percent after Nov. 13 and remains lower than usual.
About 500,000 people in Paris alone have jobs linked to tourism and with fewer visitors everyone from restaurants to retailers have a hard time coping. The image, right, submitted by one of our colleagues from a major U.S. airport on Nov. 15 tells the story.

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