The latest controversy is about alleged compromising photographs from twenty years ago.

While we feel the recent media attention (more of of a witch hunt really) is entirely uncalled for here is what's debated in Swedish media right now:


Friends of the Swedish king are said to have turned to allleged criminal Milan Sevo, referred to as “the Swedish Godfather”, to get help in getting compromising photos of the king.
At a press conference, Milan Sevo said: “We have all at some point been asked to help another person.” The photos are currently in the possession of former porn club owner Mille Markovic who claims they show King Carl XVI Gustaf surrounded by naked girls, delivering cocaine to one of the King’s friends. It is to Milan Sevo that the King’s friend Anders Lettström has turned for help. But now the Royal Swedish Court is asking to see the photographs. The reason? The royal family is not faring too well by the rumors. Says Bertil Ternert, Director of Information and Press at the Royal Court:

“I know I should be careful in criticizing how media works, but I can say this: as I understand it, the sources of the photographs have been questioned in other matters.” When asked how this has affected the royal family, Ternert says: “Of course it has affected them. A lot. It’s writings like these that makes a person questioned.” He goes on saying that the family is not frustrated, but keep on doing what they have to do.

“The King wants to dissociate himself from the actions of his friend Anders Lettström, who hired people with criminal backgrounds to help get the photographs. Ternert wants to see these photographs. “All media in Sweden seem to believe these photographs exist and we are supposed to comment on them, but nobody is willing to show them. If we are shown the photos we are going to take sides, and the King will comment.” Mille Markovic, who claims he has access to the photos, is planning on having them published in connection with an autobiography that he hopes will be ready in 2013. It was in the just released book “Den svenske Gudfadern” (The Swedish Godfather), that the author, Nuri Kino, revealed how friends of the Swedish King had tried to negotiate with boss Milan Sevo’s life guard Daniel Webb to silence Markovic. These negotiations were taped and later broadcast on Swedish Radio.

The king's friend, Anders Lettström, has more recently apologized to the king and declared to media that he acted on his own, without guidance and without intention to enter any kind of agreement with the criminals he contacted late last year.

The saddest part of it all? The present spotlight on what may be some less admirable personal aspects of the Swedish monarch will at this point in time only hurt the innocent.