Well, not really. Women are more reluctant than men to buy a summerhouse. While every third man dreams of a cottage of his own, only one in every four women shares his dream. All according to a new study by Fastighetsbyrån (The Property office, real estate brokers. A wholly owned subsidiary of Swedbank that is involved in at least one fifth of every real estate transaction in Sweden).

The real reason we buy a summerhouse is that we want peace and relaxation. It is also our wish to get closer to nature. Only 2 percent of all people asked said they want a house because they want a place “to fix and renovate.” But to dream of unwinding and long walks is one thing. The reality of it, as the saying goes, bites. No less than 27 percent believes that owning a summerhouse means working with hammer, saw and paintbrush during vacation. Says Johan Vesterberg, press officer at Fastighetsbyrån:


“One mustn’t forget that owning a house means a lot of work. For some this can be fun and relaxing, but for others it might be stressful and irritating. It’s important not to take on too much.” Vesterberg adds that having a summerhouse usually means you have to spend both time and money on it, as it will need work.

For more info on Fastighetsbyrån, see Fastighetsbyran.se