To honor the victims of Friday's terror attack in Norway a minute of silence was held and a manifestation of light. “I feel sad,” said Eva Lindau, one of those who attended. “I have two daughters who are active in SSU (Swedish Social Democratic Youth League – the equivalent to Norway’s AUF, Arbeiderpartiets ungdomsorganisasjon) and they were away on summer camp last year, so I can very well imagine, or I think I can imagine, the situation of the parents. It’s horrible and I’m upset on their behalf.”

The Norwegian flag flew at half-mast and people were laying down flowers on the sidewalks, lighting candles and standing quietly in the afternoon sun. Mikael Södermalm, who has a sister living in Oslo, said: “I’m deeply affected. It’s one of those days that will go down in history, like September 11 and when Anna Lindh died or the discothèque fire in Göteborg.” Frode Solberg, a Minister at Embassy, held a short speech: “This is a very special day for Norway, marked by shock and disbelief at what has just happened. We value highly the sympathy that you all have shown by coming here. Thank you so very much.”