No algae bloom in the Baltic Sea
The algae in the Baltic Sea are still keeping at bay, and there are no reports about blooming bluish-green algae along the Swedish coasts. Sture Nellbring, Marine Ecologist at the Information Center for Baltic Proper says there’s a great area with algae between Åland and Gotland: “It’s been too cloudy these past few days for us to be entirely sure, but we believe the winds have helped the algae mix with water.” An algal bloom is a rapid increase or accumulation in the population of algae (typically microscopic) in an aquatic system. Algal blooms may occur in freshwater as well as marine environments. A harmful algal bloom is an algal bloom that causes negative impacts to other organisms via production of natural toxins, mechanical damage to other organisms, or by other means. Harmful algal blooms are often associated with large-scale marine mortality events and have been associated with various types of shellfish poisonings. It is unclear what causes these blooms; their occurrence in some locations appears to be entirely natural, while in others they appear to be a result of human activities.