“We have a combination of people who travel here and a faithful regional audience, but the regional audience is definitely a requirement for Storsjöyran,” says Lars Sillrén, Managing Director of the musical event.

Storsjöyran, often called just Yran, began in the early 1960’s as a way for the people of Jämtland to show the rest of Sweden that although their particular region is sparsely populated, its people has the zest and courage to create a festival of international size and standard. Today many classic festivals around Sweden are suffering from competition, but Yran is one of the great exceptions. Sillrén thinks that lack of a strong, regional audience may undermine festivals like those in Hultsfred and Arvika.


“When we began,” Sillrén continues, “there were Hultsfred and Dalarock and us. Today there are some 130 festivals around Sweden, all of whom are competing. It’s become much, much tougher.”

Among those playing at Storsjöyran this year are: The Ark, Veronica Maggio, Orup, Håkan Hellström, and Säkert! from Sweden. Rock legend Roky Erickson is visiting from the U.S. as are Big Boi, Raphael Saadiq and others. Throughout the years, stars like Lady Gaga, Iggy Pop and Pet Shop Boys have played the festival. Storsjöyran takes place in Östersund July 28-30.

For more info, see www.storsjoyran.se

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