Over 2 million live with mold
Over 2 million Swedes live in homes with some sort of damp or mold damage, reports the daily Metro. This according to a study made by Boverket (the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning). 751,000 buildings, which equals a third of all buildings bar schools, seem to be affected, and a majority of the moldy ones are smaller houses. “You rarely see mold in Sweden,” says Joakim Thunborg, Civil Engineer at Boverket, “it’s hidden inside the insulation. Mold spores and the smell of mold can find its way up into the living quarters.” The damp and mold problem is greater in older houses, because newer houses are better constructed against dampness. Older buildings aren’t prepared for the lives we live today. “We take showers, we wash dishes and do laundry much more frequently today than we used too,” Thunborg continues. “The older buildings are thus exposed to a great deal of dampness and many lack proper ventilation systems.”