Swedes – most creative in the world
According to a new American report (by Martin Prosperity Institute), Sweden is the most creative country among the 82 in the comparison.

By comparing the number of patent sought per capita, openness, tolerance and amount of people working with creative jobs, Sweden came out on top. Trendsetter and fashion guru Bea Szenfeld in Stockholm is known for her unexpected combinations, and for her talent of thinking outside the box. She believes it’s true that Swedes are creative.


“You can tell there’s a lust for and a lack of fear in doing different things,” she says. “For me, creativity means always keeping my eyes open for new elements in design. It’s an ongoing process.”

The top 10 most creative countries in the world according to the report:
1. Sweden
2. USA
3. Finland
4. Denmark
5. Austria
6. New Zealand
7. Canada
8. Norway
9. Singapore and
10. The Netherlands.