What we want to do before we die
We all have dreams, thatís part of life. What would we be without anything to look forward to, to dream about? Medborgarskolan (a study organization) asked Stockholmers what they want to do, experience or learn before it is too late. Topping the list is, not surprisingly, travel. Taking a longer trip is what most Stockholmers dream about. Thatís what 40% of the participants in Medborgarskolanís study declared. Other popular activities were learning a new language (37%) and writing a book (30%). Fairly down-to-earth stuff, so itís not surprising when, at the same time, the same participants believe they will actually make their dreams a reality. Many have already begun to tick items off their "bucket list."
The greatest obstacle seems to be lack of time, then it's money or fear. Every tenth person claims he or she knows the reason their dreams remain unfulfilled. The study shows that men and women dream of the same things, though men seem to harbor a desire to be a rock star since so many say they wished they knew how to play an instrument. Another difference is that although men seem to keep the same dreams throughout life, womenís dreams change somewhat as they age. There are two things Stockholmers do not dream of: being famous and bungee jumping. 821 people participated in the study.

The top 10 dream-list of Stockholmers looks like this:
1. Go on a long trip.
2. Learn a foreign language.
3. Write a book.
4. Develop an artistic talent.
5. Learn to play an instrument.
6. Learn to sing.
7. Swim with dolphins.
8. Learn to dance.
9. Climb a mountain or another physically challenging adventure.
10. Get married.