Thinking about names for your baby?
Did you consider Tequila, Five or..? Uncommon names are getting more common and accepted by the Swedish authorities. Common names are being dismissed by Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency). Recently the name Tequila was approved, and last year names like Delafina and Five passed through the gate. “Anything goes really,” says Lars Tegenfeldt, legal expert at the agency. Today thousands of Swedes have uncommon names. Besides, what’s uncommon isn’t really uncommon anymore. “We do feel that titles such as kommissarie, kapten and advokat (commissioner, captain and lawyer) are unsuitable as names,” Tegenfeldt continues. And forget naming your child after a curse, since names like that may cause problems for the person. First names that sound like last names are also out of question. According to Statistiska Centralbyrån (Statistics Sweden), over 1200 girls and more than 1000 boys were given names that are considered new in Sweden: Attrisia, Chelsiana, Delafina, Elensia and Friola were some of the girls’ names. Androny, Costian, Donior, as well as Eminas and Five were some of the boys’ names. “Our policy is to make it easier to decide what names you want to give your children, and that there should be more variety,” Tengenfeldt says.