UV-radiation in Sweden already in the spring
A research project funded by the European Union shows that parts of Sweden have just as strong ultraviolet radiation from the spring sun as Sicily.
“Scandinavians have for decades walked around thinking there’s no harm from the sun until summer,” says professor Peter Boyle to Aftenposten. For several years, through the project EuroSun, Boyle has investigated the ultraviolet radiation in Europe. He has come to the conclusion that the radiation comes much earlier in the year, and reaches further north, than previously thought. On EuroSun’s website, you can see just how strong the UV radiation is in different parts of Europe during different times of the year. For instance the radiation in springtime is just as strong in certain parts of Sweden as on the south Italian island Sicily.

This year more are expected to die from sun-related cancer forms than from traffic accidents in Sweden.


“Northern Europeans who want to lessen the risk for cancer, must protect themselves against the sun much earlier in the year,” says Boyle. “The new research shows that there’s a real danger already early in the spring.” Previous advice for northern Europeans was to be extra careful with the sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., during the period April to September. And many still live in the understanding that it’s mainly around the Mediterranean that the sun is harmful. But to decrease the risk for cancer, it’s time to rethink all that. “During the 1990s skin cancer mortality was highest in the Nordic countries and lowest in southern Europe, in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal,” Boyle concludes.