Greenpeace Activists arrested
The six activists who boarded the icebreaker Nordica outside of Öland are now suspected of trespassing. One of them was arrested and taken to the naval harbor. The activists, from the organization Greenpeace, boarded the Finnish icebreaker Nordica early on Thursday off the coast of southern Öland. Nordica is one of two government icebreakers to assist at the oil company Shell's exploratory drilling in the Arctic this summer and it is the second time this week that environmentalists are trying to stop the ship.
“Six activists boarded the icebreaker and locked themselves in on various locations,” said Daniel Bengtsson, Communications Director at Greenpeace. There are around 20 activists from different countries participating in the action, last Tuesday they delayed the departure of Nordica from Helsinki with a similar action. The Coast Guard was informed, and joined the police aboard the icebreaker.
“The goal is to avoid going back to harbor again, and to try to solve the problem at sea,” said John Isaksson Coast Guard. So what’s the purpose of the action? It seems the activists tried to delay Nordica’s departure as much as possible, in order to thus stop the oil drilling. According to the Coast Guard, negotiations with the activists are not going as planned, as it doesn’t seem they are giving up. Now one of them has been arrested, but all six are suspected for trespassing. Greenpeace is very critical to the exploration of oil allowed the sensitive marine area in Alaska, and the Swedish government is not acting in the Arctic Council to prevent oil drilling.

Sofia not invited
Experts on all things royal in Sweden believe an engagement is soon to be expected between Prince Carl Philip and his somewhat controversial girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist. What will the King say about that? Sofia was not invited to the King’s recent birthday celebrations (Carl XVI Gustaf turned 66 on April 30), and Carl Philip left the celebrations early in order to spend the rest of the day with Sofia. Not inviting Sofia is a serious snub, since she and the prince have been a couple for over two years and live together. But Roger Lundgren, editor-in-chief of Kungliga Magasinet (the Royal Magazine), explains: “If you are in a relationship with a royal, you aren’t invited to official events until you are engaged.” And not only Lundgren believes the engagement could come any time now. “They’ve been together long enough. They are an established couple, and we have noticed many Swedes coming around, accepting her,” says Johanna Lejon, royal reporter with Svensk Damtidning.


Cat found 15 miles from home
A cat named Rocko disappeared form his home in Torsås, south of Kalmar. Three weeks later, Rocko turned up in Helsingborg – more than 15 miles away. “I was surprised, I wondered how he had got there,” says Rocko’s owner Robert Andersson to daily Expressen. Nick Chambers found the cat when it meowed in his garden in Helsingborg. A day later, Nick brought the cat to the vet, who was able to track him to Robert Andersson in Torsås. “I talked to him and he said he lost his cat and the description is correct. He couldn’t believe it was true,” said Nick Chambers. Robert Andersson says that the cat disappeared three weeks ago. Now that he knows where it went, he thinks that the cat probably got a free ride from a neighbor who recently moved. “I have gone around and shouted for the cat. He tends to disappear at times, but I thought maybe he’d been hit.” Nick Chambers and his wife called the cat for Perso, lost in Italian, after they found him in the garden. “He looked thin and rickety. We gave him some food and he ate and drank a lot. Now the cat feels good, he has been sleeping on my lap for an hour,” Chambers said. Robert Andersson plans to go and pick up his cat in the coming days.