Tough Ulf – Vallåkra sheriff. Check out Ulf Bengtsson in Vallåkra: He bought an American police car, a black and white Ford with the text “Bell Police” on the door. Now, dressed in an American police uniform, Ulf calls himself “Vallåkra’s sheriff” and cruises the calm streets of the small village outside Helsingborg in southern Sweden.
“My daughters always ask why people take photos of us. It is because Daddy has a cool car I tell them,” says Ulf with a laugh. He accessorizes with dark sunglasses and a police cap, which he bought in the US. There’s no label on the cap, but he’s planning on ordering one online. Other items on his wish list are a fake shotgun and fake M16 rifle. “You want to be fully equipped,” Ulf says. Much of the original equipment in the car still remains: there’s a radar, a police radio, and a back seat with place for handcuffs. Once out and about, Ulf turns on the sirens. “It’s a hell of a sound,” says his neighbor Charlie Svensson, who is out mowing the lawn. “I won’t take you today,” answers Ulf with a smile. Ulf is often invited to car shows and he has also been hired to “arrest” people on bachelor parties. His Ford Crown Police Interceptor is a 12-year old car that has rolled around the streets of Bell, a suburb of Los Angeles. A former policeman bought it when he retired, and it came to Sweden through a car dealer in Eslöv, where Ulf found it last fall. He was hooked immediately.

“I’ve always been interested in cars,” he says. “I loved the TV series ‘Cops’. Thought it was simply great.” He paid 85 000 SEK ($12,518) for the car. Says his wife Ulrica Bengtsson-Blom: “It’s the best car of all he’s owned. And the only one I could ever think of buying a share of.”