Name’s Day September 2
Justina is an anglicized version of the Latin name “Iustina,” feminine of “Iustinus,” a derivative of Iustus, meaning fair or just.

What happens in Sweden in September
“Elitserien” (known in Sweden as the Swedish Elite League) usually starts. It is the highest-level ice hockey league in Sweden, and, based on average player salaries in 2006, is ranked as the fourth highest paying professional ice hockey league in the world (behind the National Hockey League, Russian Superleague (now the KHL) and the Czech Extraliga.


Name’s Day September 23
Tekla is a female name with Greek origins, stemming from Theokleia, which is a name made up of the words “Theo” meaning god, and “kleia” meaning rumor, which means that the name can be interpreted as “person praising God.”

What happens in Sweden in September
During election years in Sweden (every four years), September is when general, county council and local government elections are held on the second Sunday of the month (until 2010 it was the third Sunday). The Swedish Church also holds elections on the third Sunday of the month, of the year prior to the regular election year.