Name’s Day November 4
Sverker is a man’s name with Old Norse origins. Perhaps it had its origin in the name Svartgeir, which is combined by “svartr” (an old word for svart or black) and “geirr” (spear). The oldest mention of the name in Sweden is from a rune stone from the 11th century in Fröberga. It reads: “Vighjälm och Ödmund de läto resa stenen efter Sverker, sin gode broder.” (Vighjälm and Ödmund they let raise this stone after Sverker, their good brother.)

What happens in Sweden in November
“Fars dag” (Father’s Day) is celebrated on the second Sunday.


Name’s Day November 18
Lillemor is a female Nordic name, which means pretty much what it says: “Lille mor”—little mother. The name was first used in Norway and then as a nickname, the earliest mention of it in Sweden is in 1901. Lillemor was most popular during the 1930s and 1940s.

What happens in Sweden in November: Toward the end of the month, people who celebrate Christmas begin to prepare. In Sweden that means lighting candles and playing Christmas music.