December 19 In Swedish History
1666: Lund University is founded. One of Europe's most prestigious universities, "Lunds Universitet" traces its roots back to 1425 when a Franciscan “studium generale” (the old customary name for a Medieval university) was founded in Lund next to the Lund Cathedral, arguably making it the oldest institution of higher education in Scandinavia.

However, the founding of the university didn’t take place until 1666, after Sweden had won Skåne (Scania) in the 1658 peace agreement with Denmark. The university was named Academia Carolina after Carl X Gustav of Sweden, a name that was in some formal use until the late 19th century, when Lund University (Lunds Universitet) became the widespread name for it.


Today the university has eight faculties, additional campuses in the cities of Malmö and Helsingborg and in 2010 there were 47,266 students enrolled.

Famous people who studied at Lund University include: Tage Erlander (Prime Minister of Sweden, 1946-1969), Sten Broman (musician and music critic), Ingvar Carlsson (Prime Minister of Sweden 1986-1991, 1994-1996), Hans Alfredson (writer, entertainer and film director) and Duncan Steel (world-renowned authority on space science).

A favorite in the spring: "Sköna Maj valkommen.." Lund University men's choir on the steps to the main building (building pictured here). Listen to the traditional Swedish choir son, Sköna Maj Välkommen, here with the Umeå University Valborgskören: Valborgskören 2007, Umeå - Sköna Maj