February 9 in Swedish History
1946: The radio program “Frukostklubben” (the Breakfast Club) airs for the first time, with Sigge Fürst as the host. The idea came from the U.S., brought to Sweden by the legendary radio man Per-Martin Hamberg. “Frukostklubben” was Sweden's first morning entertainment show. It ran February 9, 1946 to December 24, 1949, and was picked up again in 1955 and ran until December 31, 1978. Fürst was the host for all 680 shows. Apart from Hamberg, other producers like Roland Eiworth, Povel Ramel, Tage Danielsson and Kent Finell were involved. Some of the constant characters in the show were “Enslingen på Johannesskäret” and “Kaffepetter.” Sigge Fürst (1905-1984) was a Swedish actor, singer and entertainer who began his career at Oscarsteatern in Stockholm. For many years Fürst worked as a police officer, and also played a police officer in a few Swedish films (including all three films about “Kalle Blomkvist” from the 1940s and 1950s, where he played police officer Björk).

A clip from Frukostklubben on TV, Dec. 31 1978: Frukostklubben - intro