Swedish bishop happy with new Pope
In his first comment on the choice of the new Pope (Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina or Pope Francis I), Sweden’s Catholic bishop Anders Arborelius says he was a bit surprised. Pope Francis I picked his name after Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), also known as God’s little pauper, and Italy’s patron saint. This is something Arborelius views as positive.

“I was surprised at first,” Arborelius said. “But now I am happy to know we have a pope walking in the footsteps of Saint Francis. Our new Pope has great love for the poor and is a good-natured and paternal person.” That he is considered conservative; is against abortions and same-sex marriages, does not surprise Arborelius.
“Most bishops are conservative in these issues, there’s a two thousand year old legacy to uphold.” He foresees great challenges for the new leader in the Vatican: “The greatest challenge is to unite the church and to get us, in our part of the world, to realize how important the church is for us.”


Watch the interview on Swedish television, SVT Play, here: Gomorron Sverige - Påvevalet (In Swedish)