August 14 in Swedish history
1790: Freden i Värälä (the Treaty of Värälä), is signed between Russia and Sweden, and concludes the Russo-Swedish War, which had begun in 1788. The treaty confirms the states existing before the war, with respect to the borders, however Russia’s right to interfere with Swedish interior affairs from the Treaty of Nystad was expressly revoked. This treaty anticipated the First Coalition (a later joint European effort by multiple monarchies to contain France) in its being directed against revolutionary France.

The Treaty of Nystad of August 30, 1721 was considered the end of the Swedish imperial era. It was a shift in the balance of power in Europe where the Baltic regions of Swedish Estonia, Livonia, Ingria (future site of St Petersburg), and Southeast Finland were transferred to Russia. The majority of Finland remained under Swedish rule but, while Sweden is considered to have entered the Age of Liberty, the Tsardom of Russia emerged as the new European Empire.