August 12 in Swedish History
2004: the Swedish population officially passes the 9 million mark.

At the end of May, 2013, the population had risen to 9,588,569 and Sweden's population was at the time expected to reach 10 million in 2018 - the expected one million increase after just 14 years would be unprecedented in Swedish history. However, after two years of an increase of over 100,000 per year, at the end of May, 2016, the Swedish population already amounted to 9,894,888 according to SCB (Statistics Sweden). The ten million mark could thus be reached already by 2017.


Sweden's population when Nordstjernan was founded, in 1872, is estimated to have been 4,227,231. Partly due to mass emigration, the population increased slowly over the final three decades of the 1800s and didn't reach five million until the turn of the century. Six million was reached in the early 1920s, seven million in 1950 and eight million in 1970.