There's a rustle among the paper bags filled with candy at the Swedish movie theaters—let’s have a look at what’s inside: The drinks, candy and baked goods sold at the concession stands inside Swedish movie theaters are selling more and more KRAV-marked goods. KRAV is the Swedish organization that develops and maintains regulations for ecologically sustainable agriculture. KRAV is a member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.

Bio Rio, a movie theater in Stockholm, Bio Roy in Göteborg, Spegeln in Malmö and Helsingborg’s Röda Kvarn were first out with KRAV goods. These four movie theaters are certified with a brand, which means that at least 15 products, or 25 percent of the assortment, is marked with KRAV. The ceiling is set at three marks, a sign that at least 90 percent of the drinks and products are approved by KRAV. SF (svensk Filmindustri), has increased its assortment with selected varieties of Renée Voltaire’s so-called healthy sweets. Now the question is who will be first with a rustle-free candy bag?
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Sweden has in general seen an increase in sales of organic food: The sales of organic food increased with 11-12%