Swedish journalist killed in Afghanistan
Renowned Swedish journalist Nils Horner was shot down and killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, on March 11, in a neighborhood populated by Western non-governmental organizations, embassies, and journalists.
The two people who shot down Horner, execution-style, ran away from the scene and nobody has been arrested. The Islamist group Fidai Mohaz, however, released a statement saying they had killed the Swede, claiming "he was not a journalist, he was a spy of British MI6".

Says Christian Nilsson, chargé d’affaires at Sweden’s embassy in Kabul: ”There’s a lot of speculation right now with a lot of rumors.”
Nils Horner, who was 52 years old, was the South Asia correspondent for Sveriges Radio, and had previously been based in New York and London, only recently had he arrived in Kabul.
According to fellow Swedish journalist Terese Cristiansson: ”He was a legend. One of the best we have ever had.”
Horner was the son of Swedish art teacher Ragnar Horner and his British wife Jean Sinfield, and he grew up in Brämhult, east of Göteborg. Nils Horner’s last story covered Afghan women and their worries over the pending election.