The world’s greatest predator of the sea might soon be navigating Nordic waters. Since British waters recently have been visited by the great white shark, Lars Olsen, aquarium director at Den blå planeten in Denmark, believes it’s only a matter of time until the breed reaches more northern areas as well.
”They say they’ve seen it in England,” he says, ”so perhaps it’s already here (in Nordic waters), although we haven’t seen it.” At Kattegattcentret, Denmark’s center for shark research, this notion is shared. ”We’ve seen the great white shark cover distances of 10,000 kilometers (6213 miles) from South Africa to Australia so we know they can traverse long distances,” says marine biologist Rune Kristiansen. Does this mean you should stay far away from Swedish beaches? No, Kristiansen doesn’t believe so. ”As a bather, you have nothing to fear, then it’s much wiser to put focus on water safety, since many more die in drowning accidents than from shark attacks.”