Soon everyone will have celebrated the start of spring — even the cows. At least the cows in Sweden, that is. On farms all over southern Sweden, cows have been running happily into their pastures after the long winter in barns. Kosläpp (letting out the cow) is a big day every year, when school children and folks of all ages line up at various farms and dairies just to watch the cows get turned out to pasture.
Last year, 165,000 people showed up at farms around the country to see how happy cows rush out to pasture. At the kosläpp in Skurup, Skåne the crowds became so great that the cows had to run out in two rounds. Around 10,000 visitors came to see the happy cows tumble out into the countryside.

When a farmer opens the barn door, the cows jump, prance and leap for joy, and spectators can’t help but feel the joy, too. What better reason to miss a day of school than a happy cow, frolicking in new grass? In fact, it’s become such a spectacle that additional activities have been added at various locations: pony and tractor rides, straw jumping contests, grilled sausages and free chocolate milk and ice cream while supplies last.


And if you missed the first round of kosläpp celebrations in southern Sweden, don’t worry — there are more chances if you head north over the coming days and weeks as spring rolls out across the northern counties. Dates and locations here: Välkommen till årets kosläpp