Banners, flags and signs drifted over the crowd, which filled not only the square, but extended far along the avenue. "The earth is round because there are no limits" read one banner. "No one chooses to be a refugee" read another.
Police estimate that approximately 8,000 to 10,000 people were in attendance for the rally, which kicked off at 5:30 p.m. on the beautiful late summer evening.
Speakers included Mona Sahlin (S), Education Minister Gustav Fridolin (MP), and Save The Children’s General Secretary, Elizabeth Dahlin, and 10 others. Representatives of all parliamentary parties, except the Sweden Democrats (SD), took part.
Other representatives from various organizations were also in attendance: Green Youth Western Green Party in Gothenburg, SSU Göteborg, Social Democrats Gothenburg, S-students Gothenburg, Liberal Youth Western, Centre Party Youth Västra Götaland, Church against Racism, Centre Party Göteborg, Young feminists Gothenburg, Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice, Sweden Syrian Association Syrian, Women's Association, Iran Refugees National Organisation, Make Noise for Human Rights, Youth against Racism Gothenburg, Chilean National Association and many others.

Issues such as requirements of legal escape routes needing to be established, pleas for municipalities to accept more refugees, and adding pressure on the EU to increase refugee quotas fairly among countries were topics rallied.
The evening concluded with hundreds of candles being lit for those refugees who died on their way to Europe.
On Saturday, September 12, countries around the world joined together in an international day of welcoming refugees to show solidarity with those fleeing war, violence and destitution.
Text & Photography: Lisa Mikulski