A vending machine for fresh fruit smoothie? If you live in Sweden, yes, that’s what you can get - the first in the world.

Fruit, berries and yogurt, no additives and inspired by “Skogen” (the forest), “Havet” (the sea) and “Trädgården” (the garden) - flavors of the three first smoothies. Called Berries by Astrid, this latest health craze is part of a growing focus on healthy eating.


Lund University graduate Astrid Friborg, who has a PhD in colon cancer, wanted to find a way to help people attain better health, and she worked with a team to develop a prototype for a vending machine that offers fruit smoothies to office workers, airport travelers, and anyone else interested in convenient, fresh, healthy food.

No, we haven't tasted the smoothie yet but pricing is definitely competitive: A "Smoothie card," which is easily replenished online will give you ten smoothies at public vending machines for around $3 each (so far only in Stockholm and Lund, Sweden). Just in case you would like your own vending machine at your Stockholm or Lund office, this will run you SEK 35,000 (approximately $4,400)

For more info, see www.berriesbyastrid.com/en