Sweden's election
With the turmoil of recent years and no clear parliamentary majority the formation of the next government in Sweden could become a bumpy road. The summer's wildfires put the environment into voters' minds but at the top of this year's political agenda were first and foremost immigration and the integration of immigrants.

While the number of refugees has fallen in recent years the issue preoccupies many voters and almost all mainstream parties have shifted to the right based on the success of the Sweden Democrats, which is expected to be anywhere from first to third largest party with around 20% of the vote at the election. As in previous elections, the other parties have vowed not to cooperate with SD so expect a minority government, for some time polls showed a slight lead for the center-right Alliance bloc (the Moderate, Center, Liberal and Christian Democrat parties) with the Moderate leader Ulf Kristersson as likely Prime Minister. Yet, closer to Election Day many polls expect the red-green coalition (Social Democrats, the Left and the Greens) to be somewhat larger.


Whoever it becomes will face a tough job putting together ad hoc majorities to legislate and the far-right Sweden Democrats could very well come to play a key role in shaping politics.