Canceled flights will cost billions
The airlines SAS and Norwegian have to repay several billions of advance payments for tickets on canceled flights according to the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende. At SAS, the projection amounts to SEK 6.6 billion. This is more than SAS has in cash today, but the company assures that the money will be repaid with the help of a state credit of SEK 3 billion and by raising extra money. At Norwegian, this amounts to between SEK 2 and 4 billion. Norwegian also assures that the money will be repaid to those who wish.

Additional SEK five billion to SAS
The Swedish government proposes a capital injection of up to SEK 5 billion to SAS to deal with effects of the corona crisis. The Danish government has also agreed to support the airline, which according to SAS means that the total amount of aid will amount to SEK 12.5 billion. In addition, a capital contribution of SEK 3.15 billion is proposed to Swedavia, which operates and owns ten airports in Sweden. "The government believes that the capital injection is necessary for investments and maintenance to be implemented," the Swedish government writes in a press release.


Expansion of Arlanda stopped
Government owned Swedavia estimates that the entire airline industry will look different after the pandemic. Therefore, the expansion of Arlanda airport has been stopped, a decision that the government supports. “We see a tremendous decline in flying. Going forward with plans to expand capacity is not in line with using taxpayers' money effectively,” says Finance Minister Per Bolund.