Did we eat better in the old days?
Do you think we ate better in the past? In a recent poll conducted by Expressen, 79% say “Yes” while 21% say “No.” The fact is that Swedes spend less money on food today than they used to. They eat more and more refined food and more and more often they go out to eat. Meat, especially chicken, is cheaper now that it was in the 1960’s so Swedes eat more of that. During the past 40 years, the consumption of potatoes has gone down from 89 kilos to 71 kilos, while consumption of rice and pasta has gone up. Swedes also consume more high fat products like chocolate and cream and cheese, while they eat less butter and margarine. Swedes also drink less milk (it’s gone down from 158 liters per person per year to 100 liters per person per year). When it comes to the consumption of eggs, however, it’s status quo. And on a positive note Swedes do consume more fruit and vegetables than they used to.

The Hasselbladspris goes to an American.
The American photographer Robert Adams receives this year’s Hasselblad’s Prize for Photography. According to the jury, Adams is one of the most important and influential photographers of the last 40 years. Robert Adams was born in 1937 and has mostly worked in the American West, documenting nature. “I think artists always ask themselves ‘Why should I get up in the morning? What makes life worth living?’ It matters little if you look at Rembrandt, Monet, Cézanne or Hopper, you always want a specific answer to that question. And I still believe photography fills a social function,” said Adams.

Woman attacked by wild boar.
It sounds like a horror movie. A woman walks her dog at a cemetery in Göteborg when a wild boar attacks her. But it’s for real. The woman was out with her dog at 7 in the morning, when she suddenly found herself face to face with a large wild boar. “I have never run so fast in my life,” she told a local newspaper. A hunter employed by the Swedish Church confirmed that there are two wild boars out in the graveyard. The animals may now be hunted. Wild boars aren’t uncommon in Sweden, and recently there have been several sightings in the residential areas around Göteborg. What is rare, though, is the attack, as wild boars are generally shy by nature.

“I feel sorry for all men.”
A female politician (belonging to the Liberal People’s Party in Sweden, or Folkpartiet) made a somewhat unusual remark. She said: “I feel sorry for all men – they are repressed.” Camilla Lindberg, a member of the parliament, said in an interview on youtube that “some men are so repressed they don’t even know it.” She also states, “somehow we have created a generation, an entire generation, with weak men. And weak men don’t make anybody happy.” Lindberg continues to dis Feministiskt Initiativ and Gudrun Schyman – calling them “fundamentalists.” Are men repressed? What do you think?

Eurovision fever.
Swedes are patiently waiting for this year’s most important event, and no it isn’t when Sweden will take over the presidency of the EU, it’s the Eurovision Song Contest. Dagens Nyheter’s blogger Mattias Dahlström is closely following all countries as they get ready. He calls Spain’s contribution “beige and pale” and Ukraine’s song “meaty.” “Nothing special,” is his verdict on Switzerland’s indierock entry, and Slovenia’s offering is just plain “toothless.” Well, we keep our fingers crossed for Swede Malena Ernman and her song “La Voix.” The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Moscow on May 12, 14 and 16.

Healthier snacks.
What did you last snack on? A hot dog from the vendor? If so, you need a smarter, healthier snack. And it doesn’t have to be a slice of tomato with a piece of watercress on the side, it can be more fun than that. Alltommat.se suggests a “Blueberry drink with tofu and sunflower seeds.” Yes, let’s try that one. Ingredients: 100 g tofu, half a banana, half a cup of blueberries, 1 cup of almond milk (regular milk is also fine), 1 Tablespoon honey (the liquid kind), 1 Tablespoon sunflower seeds, and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix the tofu, banana, blueberries, milk and honey in a mixer until smooth. Pour into a glass and add the sunflower seeds and cinnamon on top. Makes one serving.