Horse creates chaos.
A runaway horse created chaos on Östermalm. Its time in freedom was short, however. “The horse ran around for 12 minutes before it was captured,” says Mikael Pettersson of the Stockholm police. According to the owner, the horse ran away from a nearby stable. A witness said it ran from Gärdet towards Filmhuset and then up Sandhamnsgatan. “I was out walking my dog, when I saw the horse come running.” The horse had, to make matters more difficult, a carriage attached to it. It is now back with its owner.

Another earthquake in Sweden.
Yet another earthquake in the south of Sweden. This time the epicenter was on the border between Småland and Halland and it happened right before noon. Seismologist Reynir Bödvarsson in Uppsala says the earthquake was 2.8 on the Richter scale with a depth of about 14 kilometers. It lasted 4-5 seconds and could be felt quite clearly.

Ulf Lundell – the playwright.
Singer/songwriter and poet Ulf Lundell can now add playwright to his resume. “Six plays” are bound into a yellow book. So what are Lundell’s plays about? Björn Wiman at Expressen lets us know that several of them are set in an air of bourgeois life, in high class suites in Bangkok or beautiful hotels in Italy. The rest builds on Lundell’s usual drama about the problem with the Swedish Welfare State. There are funny lines and witty rejoinders. But will they work for the theater? Lundell himself says he has only seen a handful of plays in his entire life. Only time will tell if Lundell can be a playwright to reckon with.