Congratulate the Royal Wedding Couple.
You can leave a free message on the Royal Wedding Greetings Book which will be a gift to the Royal Couple. Anyone can now leave a message on the Royal Wedding Greetings Book which will be a gift to the Royal Couple, Princess Victoria and Prince Bertil. Personal messages along with small, private photographs can be left using the Internet site and the free service made available by Solentro, a Swedish IT enterprise firm. Up until June 19, 2010, the public can leave congratulate the soon to be newlyweds on Solentro will select from arriving greetings and compose a wedding book for the Royal Family. "We thought it would be fun to invite the people to leave a message now that it is the royal wedding," says company spokesman Hampus Schildfat, who adds that two different books in German and English will be produced, and they hope that each will be up to 300 pages with many congratulatory wishes.

Skanska rebuilds WTC terminal.
In a joint venture, the Swedish based construction giant, Skanska has received a $542 million contract to construct the new Port Authority station at the former site of the World Trade Center in New York City. Skanska’s share of the contract is 80%. The terminal is the busiest part of a system which will connect New Jersey to downtown Manhattan, and its concrete roof will form the plaza to the east of the new WTC Memorial that commemorates the 9/11 tragedy. “The construction of the new PATH station will play a significant role in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site,” said Mike McNally, EVP Skanska AB. Work on the project will begin this month and is scheduled for completion in May 2014.

Heart medicine reduces deaths after surgery.
A new blood clot inhibitor developed at Uppsala University decreases mortality after bypass surgery. In findings presented by cardiologist and researcher Dr. Claes Held before the convention of the American Society of Cardiology last Tuesday in Atlanta, Ga., a new blood clot inhibitor developed at Uppsala University decreases mortality after bypass surgery. Patients with myocardial infarction undergoing a so-called bypass surgery are less likely to die if they get the new blood clot inhibitor ticagrelor, sold by AstraZeneca under the label Brilinta according to a study completed last August of 18,624 patients in 43 countries. Mortality was 4.6% among patients receiving ticagrelor after bypass surgery in comparison to 9.2% in those receiving the most used alternative preparation, and it did not increase bleeding risks. There was also no change in the number of heart attacks or strokes after surgery. "Ticagrelor seems to be a very promising alternative to clopidogrel in patients with acute coronary artery disease who are candidates for bypass surgery," said Claes Held, who who led the study and researches at Uppsala Clinical Research Center.

Youngest moms in Dorothea, oldest in Danderyd.
Sweden hasn't seen such fertility in women since the early 1990's, but still, the reproduction rate falls short of being sufficient to maintain a steady population in the country, according to figures compiled between 2005-2009 and released by the Statistics Sweden, SCB. With an average age of 24.6 years when their first child is born, the youngest new mothers are among women in the northern city of Dorothea, a community in Norrbotten province in Lapland which has all of 2,914 residents. Their young mother average was closely followed by a town in Västergötland, Bjurholm (25.6 years) and another far north city, Överkalix (25.7 years). The oldest first-time mothers were found in Danderyd, a community in Stockholm that is known for its low taxation rates. In this more affluent city, mothers gave birth to their first child on an average at the age of 32 years. Also with similar above average income females, Lidingö (also outside Stockholm at 31.5 years) and the conservative stronghold in Skåne, Vellinge (31.3 years) trailed closely for oldest mother ranks. Analysts observed that female empolyment in these cities was higher than average, which caused potential mothers to wait longer before getting pregnant due to their choice to pursue jobs, businesses or careers. Similar trends were found in the ages of younger fathers, although they tended to be somewhat older when their first children were born. Again in the Norrbotten city of Överkalix, the lowest age first time fathers averaged 28.3 years. Following by only a few tenths of a point were men siring their first children in Hofors (28.8 years) and Dals-Ed (29.0 years). All these three cities have somewhat lower than average family incomes and also unemployment difficulties. Once more showing that wealthier professionals wait to build a family, men fathering their firstborns at the oldest ages in Sweden lived in Danderyd (33.9 years), Lidingö (33.8 years) and Taby (33.3 years). Viewed over a longer period, the average age at first birth has increased in Sweden. For the population to increase on its own without incoming foreigners to add to the figures, the SCB calculates that it requires that women give birth on average to 2.1 children during their lifetimes. However, Swedish women are currently giving birth only to an average of 1.94 children.