Warning: Stress among children
Swedish school children are stressed and it is serious. A petition written by 23 psychologists to local Göteborg politicians, state that the stress level in schools and pre-schools is reaching an unreasonable level. According to the psychologists, reports newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, the school classes are too large, and the staff undermanned, something that causes “unsustainable situations that could lead to permanent and irreversible psychosomatic damages”.

Stockholmers are the best!
Forget those who live in Göteborg or Malmö – Stockholmers are simply the best! They are healthier, richer and thinner. They also make more money than their friends in Göteborg and Malmö. All according to Svenska Dagbladet’s statistic study, in which they map out how Swedes live in the three biggest cities. Compared to people in Malmö, Stockholmers are less prone to lung cancer, and compared to people living in Göteborg, more Stockholmers start their own businesses. Add to that, the sun shines more in the capitol. But just because folks in Stockholm are healthier, it doesn’t mean they feel better, says dietician Anna Skipper: “The competition in Stockholm is fierce. Many care about their health and appearance and it’s important to be successful and attractive.”

Expensive for foreigners to study in Sweden
If you want to come study in Sweden, you better prepare to open your wallet because it could be a costly ride. For students outside the EU and the EES area and Switzerland, fees will be introduced from the fall semester next year. Each university can decide the fee but all costs for the education must be covered. The fact that Sweden has free education had made it very popular to study there, and around 120,000 applications come from third country students. But with the new fees being introduced there are worries that Sweden will lose some of these students. “We are counting on less students next year but we will regain strength. The foreign students are important to us,” says Eva Åkesson, provost at Lund University. Lund University is the first Swedish university with a price-list for each education program. A third country student who for example wants to attend a theater education will have to pay 400,000 SEK ($52,122.65). A natural science education will cost approximately 140,000 SEK ($18,241.59) per year. The issue is a bit sensitive since education in Sweden is generally seen as a public good, which should be free for everyone no matter the size of the wallet.