Killer tomatos fight tumors
Tomato genes can be used in genetic treatments of brain tumors, indicates Swedish research by Jure Piskur from Lund University. By injecting a particular tomato gene into the patient's cancer cells in combination with AZT - a medicine used to combat HIV - cancer cells die, even though the tumor itself remains. Because they kill cancer cells, they delay the disease's advance. Currently research on this Swedish discovery is underway in Finland.

Massage consoles mourning
Receiving massages for eight weeks after the death of a loved one provides consolation during an intense grief, according to a study from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet. “Soft tissue massage is gentle but firm, and activates touch receptors in the skin which then release oxytocin, a hormone known for its positive effects on well-being and relaxation”, says Berit Seiger Cronfalk, who led the study. Seventeen of eighteen people from 34-78 years of age showed benefits from foot and hand massage at home, work or at the hospital. Massage entailed slow strokes, light pressure and circling movements using oil lightly scented with citrus or hawthorn.

More new car sales, no colored stick-'em labels
Returning to normal levels from 213,000 in 2009, new car registration in Sweden is expected by the automobile publication, Bil Sweden, to reach 255,000 this year. In addition, the forecast for light trucks predicts a jump from 27,000 to 34,000. Income tax cuts, increased optimism among households and businesses as well as continued low interest rates have helped resuscitate the new car sales figures as well as low dealer inventories of used cars. Not kept as replenished as prior to recession times, Swedish fleet and company cars are also aging. In addition, Bil Sweden experts note that the Germans, French and Norwegians have depleted their own second hand markets, and therefore, dealers are interested in taking trade-ins on new vehicles. However, persons driving in Sweden won't find new cars identified by their shiny, colorful license tags. Computer recognition and database records of license plate numbers have now ended Sweden's use of the sticky labelling system.

Royal vacation
And this time it’s not Victoria and Daniel’s vacation we’re reporting but that of King Carl Gustaf and Silvia. After all the planning and work for the royal wedding, they, too, were in dire need of some rest. The royal couple is now holidaying on the French Riviera, where they have a house, and are enjoying the sun, the sea and delicious dinners. The King was recently seen reading a thriller by Johan Theorin called “Blodläge” (it takes place on the island of Öland) while the Queen took a dip in the water. They were also seen combing through a local flea market in Grimaud, near St. Tropez. They seemed extra interested in some china. Perhaps they were wondering if it was safe to put in their dishwasher? It might be difficult to towel dry all the china back at the palace.

Carl Philip and Charlize Theron
All the members of the royal family seem to be traveling at the moment. Here’s Prince Carl Philip enjoying the World Cup soccer match between Argentina and Germany. And who’s the blonde next to him? Why, none other than Hollywood star Charlize Theron. There were many celebrities present watching the game, including Leonardo di Caprio and Mick Jagger, and since Theron was born in South Africa, she was on home turf. What the two were discussing nobody knows. Annika Sönnerberg, acting information manager at the Royal Swedish court didn’t want to comment on Carl Philip’s South African visit, saying only: “He is there on a private visit, and we never comment on what the royal family does privately.”