Littorin accused of having bought sex
Aftonbladet has revealed that the crime former Minister of Employment Sven Otto Littorin allegedly committed, was that of buying sex, which in Sweden is punishable with prison. Sven Otto Littorin still claims that his decision to step down is family-oriented and that he wants to protect his children from too much media attention. A 30-year old woman told Aftonbladet that she has sold sexual services to Littorin. They met in the late summer or fall of 2006 according to the woman. Aftonbladet has seen her register of customers stored in her computer. One of the numbers goes to a pre-school, but three years ago this was Littorin’s phone number. The woman says to Aftonbladet that she does not want to report Littorin to the police. Littorin has refused to answer to the accusations and has avoided media since the question came up. But the other day Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt arranged a press conference where he commented on the issue. Reinfeldt said, according to Sveriges Television, that Sven Otto Littorin called him on Tuesday and said that Aftonbladet had confronted him with accusations that were untrue. Littorin also explained the nature of the accusations. Reinfeldt said on the press conference that he must believe what Littorin has told him. Prime Minister Reinfeldt immediately accepted Littorin's letter of resignation.

Liza Marklund made most money
Millions of dollars keep rolling in to Swedish crime writers in spite of the financial crisis. But Henning Mankell has lost ground while Liza Marklund and Camilla Läckberg have gained. Of the Swedish bestsellers from last year, it is Liza Marklund who has made the most money. The turnover in her company Mediahuset Altersbruk last year reached 21.6 million SEK ($2,674,440.82), and the company owns properties in Sweden, Spain and Kenya that are worth 34,8 million SEK ($4,528,454.35). Author Camilla Läckberg’s company Camlac also shows an increased turnover, although not as explosive as that of Marklund’s. The top author who’s losing most financially, is Henning Mankell. His company Palco Media turned over 15,5 million SEK ($2,060,906.48) last year, compared to 24,1 million SEK ($3,204,377.18) the year prior. There are a bunch of Swedish authors who look like they might have serious financial breakthroughs any time, among them are Mari Jungstedt (author of “The Killer’s Art”, “Unseen”, and “The Inner Circle” among others) and Jens Lapidus (“Snabba cash”).

Bar-B-Que with Börje Salming
Surely you remember Börje “The King” Salming, the ice hockey defenseman of Saami extraction who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings? Salming is significant to the history of hockey because he was one of the very first European players to make an impact in the league, and thus paved way for many. Today he is back in Sweden and has just published a cookbook with the title “Grilla med Salming”. Nordstjernan snatched a yummy dessert recipe from the book. “I often buy pineapple for the kids, it’s a real favorite,” says Salming. “As is maple syrup. If you’ve grown up in Canada, like my two older kids have, there’s nothing like maple syrup and we always have a bottle or two around. Pineapple is perfect for the bar-b-que. Serve it fresh from the grill with ice cream and warm maple syrup.” Ingredients: 1 fresh pineapple, 1 teaspoon neutral oil. Serve with: ½ -3/4 cup maple syrup, coconut or vanilla ice cream and some coconut flakes. Cut the pineapple in 8 pieces lengthwise, using a big and sharp knife. Cut off the root in the center. Brush the pieces with a thin layer of oil and grill the pineapple 4 minutes on each side. Meanwhile warm up the maple syrup and then serve the pineapple with the ice cream and the syrup, garnish with coconut flakes or fresh coconut. “Grilla med Salming” is published by Ica Bokförlag. ISBN10: 9153434862.

No prosecution against Swedish soldiers
The murder investigation against Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan will be closed. The investigation dealt with the circumstances under which two Swedish soldiers were killed near Mazar-i-Sharif last February. It is standard procedure to open a murder investigation when Swedish citizens are killed abroad, but in this case the conclusion is that the victims' fellow soldiers did not act in any way against the regulations. Traces of a Swedish bullet were found in the clothes of one of the victims, according to the Swedish Armed Defense's homepage. The report about the death of the two soldiers concludes, however, that the turn of events was so rapid and that the life of everyone present was in danger so there was no time for an analysis of the situation. “The soldiers who acted on the spot probably saved the lives of other Swedish soldiers,” said Colonel Christer Tistam at a press conference today according to Dagens Nyheter. There are currently 550 Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan, as part of the International Security Assistance Force, which works on a UN-mandate. The Swedish forces are concentrated in northern Afghanistan.

Haga Palace not ready
Victoria and Daniel are returning from their exotic honeymoon within a month, but the renovation of their new home, Haga Palace, won’t be ready then as planned. Says Lennart Ahlgren, royal governor: “Their moving in has been postponed, Officially, they will remain at Drottningholm Palace.” The ambition was to have Haga ready for when the couple returned, but extensive decontamination of radon and asbestos delayed those plans, and now the Crown Princess and the Prince must wait for their new home to be ready, and live in the Crown Princess’ 2-bedroom apartment at the Drottningholm Palace in the meantime. Apart from the decontamination, Haga has also undergone an extensive renovation and a new kitchen, laundry room and bathroom have been added. The total cost: 45.4 million SEK ($6,041,723.40).