Skarsgård to star with Julianne Moore
It’s only getting better for Alexander Skarsgård. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he is now set to stare with Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan in a modern retelling of Henry James’ “What Maisie Knew”. The novel is about a young girl, Maisie Farange, who shuttles between her parents after their bitter divorce. In the film, which will be a dramatic comedy, Moore will play Maisie’s mother, a famous rocker. Coogan will play her art dealer father and Skarsgård will play Moore’s new husband. The Hollywood Reporter thinks Skarsgård has put much too much effort and energy into the “True Blood” TV-series, and has by doing so wasted his chances at a great film career. Here’s to hoping this will all change with Maisie!

Sweden to Eurovision final
Eric Saade, competing for Sweden, has qualified for the finals in the Eurovision Song Contest. With his song “Popular”, Saade took one of the ten sports from the second Semi final. The final in Eurovision Song Contest is on Saturday.

Used needles at pharmacy
Unlicensed pharmacy personnel used the same needle to take blood tests from 12 people. Now the pharmacy chain is trying to reach those people who might have been infected by the needle. It happened at the Doc Morris pharmacy in Sollentuna outside Stockholm, where consumers were offered a health test in which their hemoglobin and glucose levels were measured. According to information officer Märit Wikström at Doc Morris, there is no law that says you have to be licensed in order to do blood tests. “I’m the first one to say sorry. The human factor is the reason behind this,” she says. The tests were taken during April 12 and 13 and not until Socialstyrelsen (the National Board of Health and Welfare) as well as the Stockholm County Council made a note of it, did the pharmacy try to find the patients. “This is unpleasant and our recommendation is that all those people get vaccinated against jaundice,” says Mona Hansson, investigator at Socialstyrelsen’s Department of Supervision. Through a note in a store in Sollentuna, one person has been reached. Wikström points out that the risk of having caught something through the needle is “minimal.”