Enough snow for World Cup skiing in Åre
Warm temperatures and a shortage of snow in the French Alps led the International Ski Federation to move Alpine Skiing World Cup events originally scheduled for Val-d'Isère to Åre, Sweden. The men's and women's ski events will take place at Åre’s ski resort, one of Sweden’s largest, located in Jämtland near Norway. It has hosted the Alpine World Championships in the past (1954 and 2007) and was recently scheduled to host again in 2019.

Sweden's oldest man dies
On Dec. 8, just weeks after turning 109, Eric Andersson, the oldest person in Sweden, died. Andersson, who celebrated his birthday in October, was living at a retirement home in Varberg, where he died peacefully, according to his family. His youngest son, Stellan, was with him just two hours earlier, during which time Andersson seemed alert, talked, ate and even sipped a little whiskey. Andersson, who worked as an electrician until he was 80, attributed his longevity to a healthy lifestyle: “I've always taken good care of my body," he said in an interview on his 108th birthday. "I didn’t drink or smoke and I have eaten good food.” The year before, Andersson was crowned as Sweden's oldest person after Sven Hedberg died at the age of 108 in 2012. Astrid Zachrison, who died in 2008 at the age of 113, still holds the record for Sweden's oldest-ever person. Andersson is survived by his three sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren.