Tightened rules on young refugees cause protest
(National) Thousands of unaccompanied minor refugees who have lived in Sweden for several years, attended school and learned the language, now risk being expelled under the Migration Board’s new rules. An agreement between Sweden and Afghanistan has increased the likelihood that those not needing protection will be deported to their home at 18 years of age. Three hundred teachers have protested against the plan, after assimilating these children only to have to see them returned to a country where often no family or future awaits them.

Water shortages to change Swedish lifestyle
(Environment) It’s not just third world countries that face a lack of drinking water. Warnings have been issued that water shortages in Sweden will require new rules and stricter monitoring of how much water individual households consume. According to the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), the solution lies in nature providing long deep soaking rains and snowy winters to saturate the ground. Swedish consumption of water is sometimes seen as wasteful; it has even been suggested that Swedes switch from drinking coffee to drinking tea in effort to conserve.

Fake Facebook pages cheats thousands on Swedish Games
(Social Media) A fake Facebook page disguised to resemble Svenska Spel (Swedish gaming such as lotto or Eurojackpot) has duped thousands with the promise of great winnings. Nearly 2,000 people have landed on the page designed as a competition where followers are encouraged to like, share and comment for winnings. The risk is you could be notified that you're a winner, enticing you to release your bank account information and even simply exposing your information to a banking Trojan which steals financial account information.

Hauntings of Swedish theaters
(Culture) A new book, Mystik på Svenska Teatrar (Mysteries in Swedish Theaters) explores the dark underpasses of the Swedish theater and testifies to unexplainable ghostly experiences in 13 Swedish theaters. Author Amelie Ehrensvard Cardell and photographer Susanne Matinelle met with and interviewed famous actors, artists and stagehands who speak about strange shadowy figures, disembodied voices and paranormal phenomena haunting such venues as the Royal Dramatic Theater and the Royal Opera. The book also interviews a physicist, a philosopher, a doctor, a bishop and a medium for their views on the topic of life after death.

Trafikverket to disallow Christmas lighting
(National) This holiday season many communities throughout Sweden may not see a bright merry Christmas. Trafikverket will no longer allow the use of its lampposts for decorating purposes. The decision has encouraged residents, retail shops and local authorities to speak out regarding more important issues they feel Trafikverket should be concerning themselves with. Retail shops, in particular, feel the dark streets will cause holiday shoppers to go elsewhere. While larger cities may still be able to light up, it is the smaller communities all over Sweden which would see darker effects.