Summer fun gets expensive
The cost is prohibitive for children and families who want to take advantage of the many amusement parks and tourist attractions in Sweden during summer vacation. After calculating entrance fees, rides, food and souvenirs, many Swedish families say they simply cannot afford it. Some amusement parks are now partnering with local businesses to offer discounts on tickets. But visitors wanting to visit Liseberg or Astrid Lindgren's World might consider bringing their own food and purchasing tickets in advance and online to keep costs down.

Swedish seniors return to school
Pensioners in Sweden are enrolling in university classes at a high rate. Many say it’s a way to stay active and engaged after they retire while others view it as a chance to make up for the education they never received. Students over age 55 make up nearly 8500 of the students enrolled in Swedish colleges and universities. It’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down as many seniors today are in good health and can enjoy their studies.

Swedish golfer shines at LPGA
Gold pro Anna Nordqvist, 29, from Eskilstuna, Sweden has exceeded expectations at the LPGA tournament held outside Atlantic City, New Jersey. Coming from behind, Nordqvist was able to defend her title and place second in the tournament. Nordqvist will take the next two weeks off to rest and to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Bob Dylan sends Nobel speech
After being awarded the Nobel prize for Literature on December 10, 2016, Bob Dylan finally submitted the required speech on June 5 and can claim the cash portion of the prize. A laureate must offer a speech within six months; Dylan beat the June 10 deadline by just five days. Citing his earliest musical influences as well as his thoughts on the differences between music and literature, Dylan said the biggest difference between the two is that music is meant to be sung and literature meant to be read. The Nobel committee must have thought differently for they viewed the lyrics to his decades worth of songs to have such literary value that for the first time ever they awarded a musician to receive this highly honored award.

Security tightens at Sweden Rock
After the recent terrorist attacks in England and Stockholm, security teams in Sweden aren’t taking any chances at this summer’s Sweden Rock event in Sölvesborg on the south coast, during June 7-10. With an increase in a visible police presence and constant communication between the concert organizers and the police, it is hoped this event will take place without any negative incidences.