Yuletide for sure. Swedish Yuletide in Boston organized by the local SWEA organization offered the smorgasbord of contemporary and traditional Sweden we’ve all come to expect from this, the largest Scandinavian event in New England. In 2016 it fell on December 10 — Nobel Day in Sweden — and much of the presentation of Sweden focused on the festivities and award winners of the prestigious prize.

Already by opening time and in spite of freezing temperatures, a long line had formed around the plaza that extended beyond the next street corner. Swedish School of Boston along with students and teenage au pairs entertained in evocative, solemn and mischievous ways. Swedish students from the Berklee College of Music contributed jazzy Swedish melodies and SWEA Singers and others performed throughout the day from the stage under the giant dome of Cyclorama.


The airy space of Boston Center for the Arts is a perfect venue for a winter fair and is decorated for the holidays. The scent of glögg (mulled wine) and waffles and the two cafes contribute to the atmosphere. Organizers, volunteers and their families, visitors and vendors coming from as far away as Florida for this event all contribute and everyone is happy.

The coordinator Ginga Sewerin-Olsson emphasized that she could not begin to express her gratitude for all of the volunteers’ work. As for us, we’d like to give special kudos to Ginga for holding all this together with a warm and never tiring hand!

This year's Yuletide is Sunday, December 9. For more info, see Swedish Yuletide 2017