Off on a trip to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjšrvi north of the Arctic Circle? Winter adventures await - both outdoors and indoors - and here are but a few practical tips on how to behave in case you plan to sleep ...

(And why would anyone expose oneself to this ... ? Enogh people do every year:


10 Tips for sleeping on a bed of ice
1) Donít shower just before you go to sleep, because moisture on your body can freeze.
2) Change into dry socks before you sleep; warm, moist skin will give you cold feet.
3) Make sure that you have selected a sleeping bag with a zipper that works; we guarantee
it wonít be fun to fumble about with the zipper in your private igloo.
4) Make sure that the sleeping bag is long enough; you wonít want to have your
entire head exposed.
5) Donít forget to wiggle into the shroud-like inner-bag the Icehotel provides, which goes
inside your regular sleeping bag; youíll love it.
6) Pull the zipper tightly shut so that only your nose is exposed, you can even pull the shroud
up over the nose if you want.
7) Donít keep your entire head inside the bag, even if
sorely tempted; remember, condensation?
8) Wear long johns and a t-shirt to bed;
morning clothes can be kept warm under your
sleeping bag; the felt liners of boots go inside the bag.
9) Above all, donít share your ice-bed with someone
who snores
10) If you have to sleep beside a snorer because of
marriage or bad luck, have a phone or iPod equipped with
soothing music close at hand, to drown out the sound.